The Forum's main documents are the Prgrogramme of the meeting and the Concept Note.

Reference documents are also listed in this section.

Conference Program Conference Program
Concept Note Concept Note           

Day 1

Keynote Speech

John Davies

Session 1:

Lessons Learned from countries having reached different phases of ICT integration.

José Manuel Canavarro

Skander Ghenia

Bernard Rizk

Session 2:

Key policy areas:lessons learned (part1):Discussion of key lessons learned from previous ICT integration in Education policies and projects

Fengchun Miao

Day 2

Introductory Speech.

Anthony Salcito

Keynote Speech.

Peck Cho

Session 1:

Developing policies to leverage potentials of ICT for quality education for all.

Coulibaly A

John Temba

Diego Filmus

Jerome Morrissey

Martin Rist

Session 2:

Ensuring equal access to digital resources and opening up education.

Robert Grégorie


Laura Marés Serra

Mukom Akong

Session 3:

Mainstreaming the transformative power of mobile learning.

Ankri Ralph

Fengchun Miao

Frederico Carvalho

Satu Jarvinen

Kilemi Mwiria



Session 4:

Making the delivery of massive quality education a reality in Africa.

Bakary Diallo

Patricia Wasitau

Muhammad H.Zaman

Temechegn Engida


Session 5:

Utilizing ICT to expand learning opportunities for marginalized populations.

Cohn Bendit

Nafisa Baboo

Taha Mansour

Hamadou Salih-Hassane

Abigail Cuales Lanceta

Session 6:

Public-private partnerships in ICT in education projects.

Franco Mario

Mokhtar Mnakri

Johann Felfer

Lutz L.Ziob





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